Sharene Gilchrist AKA Madfishmonger

Writing Credits

For Nerdburger Games:

Writer, CAPERS Noir - an expansion for the base game set in the 40s with a spooky mood.
Writer, CAPERS Covert - an expansion set in the 60s with groovy spies.
Writer, CAPERS Offworld - an expansion set in the retro-future.
Writer and Developer, Staged Heroism a hilarious superhero game with cartoon logic rules.
Co-Author Secrets of the Vibrant Isle a solo RPG where you explore a magical island.
Co-Author Secrets of the Vibrant Sea a sequel and stand alone game where you explore the sea around the magical island.


Writer, Orun: Post-Apotheosis Afro-Centric Space Opera RPG
Writer, Vast Kaviya - a huge world for low-tech style Dungeons and Dragons 5e
Writer, Wisdom Under Fire - adventures, a race, items, and more! For D&D 5e.
Writer, The Princess Project - adventures at various levels featuring princesses in fairy-tale-flipping adventures. For D&D 5e. Additional free content for Tying the Knot: available here.
Creator, The House at the End of the Lane - A One Shot Adventure for D&D or Other Systems
Creator, Anzanil's Game - a fun adventure you play either with the map provided or a real Snakes & Ladders board!
Creator, A collection of homebrew items for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Gaming Appearances

Player, CAPERS: The Chicago Way (CAPERS) – I play Setroka Panatela, a cunning thief with the power to turn into a puddle of liquid (vodka) or a cloud of smoke (cigar). She also possesses a supernatural pocket to hide her ill-gotten goods. Follow the Neighbourhood Association as they try their hand at becoming big-time gangsters.
Player, The Brave and the Kobolds (D&D 5e) – A semi-animated all-ages delight of a game about a group of kobolds leaving their burrow for the first time and discovering the outside world. The incredible artwork is by Penflower Ink.
Player, Curse of Strahd on UnmadeGaming (D&D 5e)– Thorne Blakktalyn is most metal barbarian there is, just saying her name should invoke a heavy guitar riff. She joins a strange crew to travel to Barovia and defeat Strahd – ending on one of the single most intense final games I have ever played.
Player, Lost Mines of Phandelver on Unmade Gaming (D&D 5e) A group of strange and perhaps lovable adventurers head out to complete basic tasks and barely manage to do that. This should give you a good laugh. And panthers go “hey.”
Player, Charity One-Shot, Petey’s Pork Pie Emporium (D&D 5e) One of my favourite characters, Qala the Kenku, joins in this weird and wacky one shot where we uncover the dark secret of the latest fad restaurant.
Player, The Long Fall: Chronicles of Cas’Guardas (D&D 5e)
Player, Strands of the Sun (D&D 5e) A fun and exciting adventure where I play Sera the big green loveable hulk.
Player, Dice Devils: A Discworld Adventure A fantastically fun game where dreams become reality(GURPS)
Storyteller, Changeling: The Dreaming In which I GM a modified Changeling the Dreaming game.
Player/Storyteller, Come Rain Come Shine a fantastic GMless collaborative game about a village of magical animals.
Player Natural Ruckus - Night at the Movies. a Home Alone parody.

Links & Contacts

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